Message from Michael Jacobson

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The Criminal Justice Investment Initiative (CJII) presents a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact in New York City by investment in successful and innovative programs and system improvements to reduce crime and strengthen communities.

We are pleased to be collaborating with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office on CJII and using ISLG’s expertise in research, evaluation, technical assistance, and cost-benefit analysis to help guide smart CJII investments.

The timing for CJII could not be better. Around the country, local governments and communities are taking a fresh look at problems affecting our justice system, and people from diverse perspectives are all looking for ways to make our justice system work better—from preventing people from entering the justice system at all to making sure people are treated fairly when they do become involved to making sure they succeed after they leave the justice system.

CJII would not be possible without District Attorney Vance’s vision and leadership. His commitment to making evidence-informed investments along with his willingness to test new ideas through innovation, measurement, and evaluation and to disseminate what we learn will ensure not only that CJII improves public safety in New York City but also that other cities are able to build on our efforts to improve public safety in their own communities.