The HOPE Program: Social Enterprise Grantee

In October 2017, The HOPE Program was selected to receive funds under the Criminal Justice Investment Initiative (CJII) in response to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s request for proposals for Social Enterprise programs.

With these funds, HOPE’s Intervine program will provide soft and hard-skills training and transitional paid job opportunities to participants focused on horticultural, green infrastructure installation and maintenance, and solar photovoltaic installation services.

The HOPE Program is one of three organizations to receive funds to enhance and develop social enterprises that employ young people at risk of becoming involved in the justice system, or New Yorkers reentering their communities after a period of incarceration. Social enterprises are non-profit organizations (or non-profit divisions of for-profit entities) which blend the social welfare mission of a non-profit organization with the market-driven approach of a business.

The investments under this initiative, along with the other initiatives being developed under CJII, form a comprehensive set of strategic investments that, together, will have a significant, lasting impact on public safety and justice reform in New York City.