An Evaluation of the Implementation of Project Reset: Interim Findings

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Posted on March 7, 2022

This interim report prepared by the Rand Corporation describes the implementation of the Project Reset diversion program from the program’s initiation in 2018 through September 2020. This program was originally designed to provide post-arrest, pre-arraignment diversion programs to young adults and adults with no prior criminal record and who were arrested for nonviolent low-level offenses. The program was later expanded to include participants with prior convictions.

Individuals are diverted from traditional court processing and offered effective and tailored community-based responses. As of September 2020, the program has diverted and provided services to almost 2,000 individuals. In this report, information collected from program staff and participant interviews and surveys, programmatic data, and observations of programs describe how the program is implemented, identify key program facilitators and barriers, and illustrate participant experiences.

Download the Evaluation of the Implementation of Project Reset here. 

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