CJII 2021 Annual Report

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Posted on December 20, 2021

CJII has invested in 52 organizations and supported more than 32,000 New Yorkers

Today, the City University of New York Institute for State and Local Governance (CUNY ISLG) released the 2021 annual report for the Manhattan District Attorney’s $250 million Criminal Justice Investment Initiative (CJII). CUNY ISLG manages technical assistance for CJII, including managing the solicitation and contracting process, providing guidance to award recipients, and providing capacity-building, oversight, and performance measurement throughout the lifetime of CJII.

Cover of the 2021 CJII annual report, featuring 3 people in blue shirts working outside with shovels and smilingThe 2021 annual report shows that CJII has provided transformative support for thou­sands of people in New York by making significant community-based investments to keep people out of the criminal legal system and help make New York City safer.

Established in 2014 by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, CJII is a $250 million initiative to create a model of what holistic public safety could look like. It offers a replicable blueprint for civic leaders and private funders for how to effectively support people, programs, and neighborhoods to build safe communities without relying on excessive policing and incarceration.

The CJII 2021 annual report summarizes the impact to date of CJII investments in three key areas:

  1. Supporting youth and families
  2. Supporting survivors of crime
  3. Enhancing diversion and reentry support for people involved in the criminal legal system

CJII’s comprehensive approach to public safety shows how investments in community-based initiatives increase opportunities, strengthen supports, heal prior trauma and injustice, and contribute to a stronger, safer city.

CJII-funded programs have directly supported more than 32,000 people in New York City. In addition, these programs have engaged at least 55,000 additional people in one-time workshops and trainings.

CJII Program Participant Quick Facts

CJII has primarily engaged people of color, who are disproportionately represented in the criminal legal system.

CJII participants have been relatively evenly divided among youth, young adults, and adults, reflecting CJII’s comprehensive investment strategy.

Across CJII, 38% of participants have had prior involvement with the criminal or juvenile legal system and 62% have not. This demonstrates CJII’s commitment to investing in programs that approach public safety as a continuum that requires attention not only to people who have been arrested or convicted of a crime, but also those who have survived crime, experienced violence, and young people who deserve care.

In addition, these programs have engaged at least 55,000 additional people in one-time workshops and train­ings. Thus, CJII’s reach has extended to nearly 100,000 New Yorkers since its inception.

Lessons for Policymakers and Funders

The CJII 2021 annual report also highlights lessons for policymakers and funders looking to effectively support people, programs, and communities. 
  • Invest time in developing a plan with community input.
  • Invest in strengthening data capacity.
  • Invest in grassroots organizations.
  • Diversify the portfolio by investing in both existing programs and new, innovative ideas.
  • Take a broader view of public safety.
CJII serves as a template for change that policymakers and private funders can learn from, adapt, and implement in their own jurisdictions. 

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