DA Vance Announces Expansion of Borough-Wide Youth Violence Prevention Program

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Posted on October 15, 2015

More Than 5,000 Boys and Girls Ages 11-to-18 Have Received Free, High-Quality Fitness Activities, Sports Training, Academic Support Since 2011

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., today announced the expansion of Saturday Night Lights (“SNL”), a comprehensive youth violence prevention initiative, to 17 programs across Manhattan. The expansion includes enhanced academic support and advocacy, as well as high-quality sports, dance, and fitness activities. Community-based organizations recently awarded funding through the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office will lead on-site programming in coordination with staff from Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Since its creation in October 2011, SNL has served more than 5,000 kids between the ages of 11-to-18, completely free of charge.

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