DA Vance Announces Release of “Domestic Violence Initiative” Task Force Report

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Posted on October 28, 2016

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., today released the report of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s Domestic Violence Initiative, compiled with input from dozens of City agencies, community-based organizations, and experts over the course of a two-year collaboration. District Attorney Vance announced funding for multiple initiatives recommended within the report, including a pilot program to equip the Manhattan Family Justice and Child Advocacy Centers with “Alternative Light Source” technology, including handheld devices that enable the user to better see bruising and other injuries, particularly on dark skin tones. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office will also be equipped with a dedicated camera capable of taking infrared photographs to better document these injuries, which are not always visible to the naked eye. Other report recommendations being funded by the District Attorney’s Office include $1.4 million for the creation of Abusive Partner Intervention Programs, as well as $11.4 million for programs that broaden access to services for victims of crime.

“Domestic violence is pervasive and deeply entrenched in our culture – it cannot be defeated by prosecutors alone,” said District Attorney Vance. “This crisis demands – and survivors deserve – a comprehensive, cross-sector battle plan that brings together City agencies, law enforcement, victim service providers, and the advocacy community. That is why my Office partnered with dozens of stakeholders for our Domestic Violence Initiative, seeking their input and critical thinking over the course of two years. Together with our partners, we are already implementing many of the group’s recommendations, and dedicating millions in funding towards initiatives to empower survivors. But as this report makes clear, our work has only just begun.”

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