Family & Youth Development Programs

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Posted on February 28, 2017

District Attorney Vance has awarded $12 million in grants to existing community-based service providers and organizations specializing in family and youth development to expand their capacity and develop innovative programming. Specifically, the Office is funding “two-generation” programming models that provide holistic support to at-risk young people and their families. Numerous studies have concluded that family dynamics, education, and mental health, among other areas, influence justice system involvement. Early attempts to support healthy family development can prevent subsequent child and family risk factors—including academic problems, school dropout, antisocial behavior, and justice system contact—and reduce recidivism.

District Attorney Vance has awarded multi-year grants to the following organizations, which expect to serve more than 4,700 families each year:

  • Association to Benefit Children
    • Award: $1,329,686
    • Focus Area: East Harlem
    • Primary Demographic: Children, adolescents, and young adults – ages 0-to-21 – and their families.
    • Services and Programming: Out-of-school time programming; individualized support and outreach; mental health screening and services, mobile mental health crisis response services; Rapid Response team for students in contact with school disciplinary authorities or police; supervised community service; case management, case advocacy and referrals; assistance finding employment or enrolling in a college or training programs; family engagement, parent council, parent talks, parent support groups, community events.
  • Eagle Academy
    • Award: $1 million
    • Focus Area: Central and West Harlem
    • Primary Demographic: Families of students enrolled at Eagle Academy, grades 6 through 12
    • Services and Programming: Expanded learning time opportunities (e.g., tutoring, exam prep, enrichment); parent support groups and leadership development, grade level parent meetings, themed family workshops (e.g., financial literacy, adolescent development, gang prevention); real-time resources (e.g. food bank referrals, job opportunities).
  • Educational Alliance
    • Award: $1,329,429
    • Focus Area: Lower East Side
    • Primary Demographic: Families with children ages 0-to-5
    • Services and Programming: Two-generation program including parent and caregiver education; individual and family therapy; case management and coaching; healthy relationship education workshops; adult education for parents through the Borough of Manhattan Community College.
  • Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation
    • Award: $1,329,994
    • Focus Area: Washington Heights
    • Primary Demographic: Families affected by domestic violence with children ages 11-to-18
    • Services and Programming: Safe spaces in two schools with individual and group counseling for children; weekly peer leadership meetings; Youth Empowered to Speak violence prevention curriculum; school-wide anti-violence campaigns; workshops and art groups addressing gender-based violence, healthy masculinity, and teen dating; school staff training; parenting support and workshops, wellness activities, family counseling, and education; family bonding and recreation; workshops for male figures.
  • Legal Aid Society
    • Award: $1,330,000
    • Focus Area: Citywide
    • Primary Demographic: Special education students and their families
    • Services and Programming: Legal advocacy for special education students in Department of Education schools; legal screenings; know-your-rights sessions for parents and guardians; representation for youth in suspension hearings; training for case managers at the Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Roosevelt Child and Family Institute.
  • New York-Presbyterian Hospital
    • Award: $1,327,776
    • Focus Area: Washington Heights; some services in East, West, and Central Harlem
    • Primary Demographic: Families with children ages 4-to-13
    • Services and Programming: Behavior management and trauma training for educators; identification and educational coordination for children with learning disorders; parent workshops in education advocacy; in-home parenting support; case management; therapy and parenting skills groups.
  • Osborne Association
    • Award: $1,330,000
    • Focus Area: Central and West Harlem
    • Primary Demographic: Families affected by incarceration
    • Services and Programming: Youth-focused intervention for children of incarcerated parents; healthy relationships program for parents and caregivers; other workshops and services through Harlem Restoration Project.
  • Sanctuary for Families
    • Award: $1,703,061
    • Focus Area: Citywide
    • Primary Demographic: Families affected by domestic violence
    • Services and Programming: Parenting support; family therapy.
  • University Settlement
    • Award: $1,330,000
    • Focus Area: Lower East Side
    • Primary Demographic: Families with children ages 5-to-21
    • Services and Programming: In-home support; parenting groups; groups for adolescents.

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