Capacity Building

CJII Training and Technical Assistance Consortium

As part of a wider strategy to create opportunities for peer-to-peer engagement, collaboration, and capacity building within the CJII grantee community, as well as to support grantees to position themselves for sustainability after CJII funding has ended, DANY and ISLG sought experts to provide training and technical assistance (TTA) to the CJII grantee community. The CJII TTA Consortium is the resulting community of TTA providers from whom DANY solicits a range of group-based and individualized TTA on a rolling basis, responsive to the needs and interests of the CJII grantee community. The Consortium is composed of three pools, for (i) programmatic, (ii) operational, and (iii) strategic support. All Consortium members were selected for their pool(s) through a competitive bid process. ISLG manages the CJII TTA Consortium and provides oversight and guidance to members.

The CJII TTA Initiative emphasizes the importance of a participatory approach to identifying and delivering TTA needs; evaluation of the impact of the TTA investment initiative over time; developing strong relationships with and between CJII grantees; adopting a trauma-informed approach to all TTA offered; and providing expert support through multiple modalities, in order to be responsive to the needs of each grantee. Across the TTA Initiative, the Consortium aims to support CJII grantees as they deliver innovative, high-impact programs.


Programmatic Support Pool

The following Consortium members were selected to provide programmatic support for CJII grantees, including TTA on program design and fidelity, outreach and recruitment, intake and assessment, and engagement and service delivery. The programmatic support pool contains ten peer members, who are also CJII grantees.

Peer Members:

External Members:


Operational Support Pool

The following Consortium members were selected to provide operational support for CJII grantees, including TTA on financial management, performance monitoring, human resource development, and administration.



Strategic Support Pool

The following Consortium members were selected to provide strategic support for CJII grantees, including TTA on governance, leadership, partnerships, fundraising, and communications.



Group-Based TTA Opportunities

As part of the TTA Initiative, CJII has developed an ongoing program of workshops on key programmatic areas. These workshops are open to any staff from a CJII grantee organization or sub-contractor, not only the CJII-funded program within the organization.

A program of workshops for Fall 2023- Spring 2024 is now available. Registration for each session and any program updates will be made available on a rolling basis. ISLG will continue to announce additional workshop series and opportunities as they are made available.