Urban Resource Institute: Abusive Partner Intervention Program

In the summer of 2018, Urban Resource Institute was selected to receive funds under the Criminal Justice Investment Initiative (CJII) in response to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s request for proposals for Trauma-Informed Abusive Partner Intervention Programs (APIP).

Work with abusive partners is a critical element in the broader effort to combat intimate partner violence. This funding presents a unique opportunity to develop a trauma-informed APIP that adopts a holistic and comprehensive approach to working with abusive partners by changing the justifications, attitudes, and beliefs perpetuating abuse.

The DA’s office is investing $1,475,000 in this initiative. With these funds, the Urban Resource Institute is developing a trauma-informed abusive partner intervention program to reduce domestic violence recidivism, hold abusive persons accountable, and improve victim safety.

This investment, along with the other investments and initiatives under CJII, form a comprehensive set of strategic investments that, together, will have a significant, lasting impact on public safety and justice reform in New York City.