Graham Windham: Programs for Foster Youth Transitioning to Adulthood Grantee

In October 2017, Graham Windham was selected to receive funds under the Criminal Justice Investment Initiative (CJII) in response to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s request for proposals for Program for Foster Youth Transitioning to Adulthood.

With these funds, Graham Windham is providing individualized case management; permanency and family-finding services; peer support groups and mentoring; mental health treatment; targeted employment and educational support; and housing placement for 16- to 24-year-olds who are aging out of foster care.

Graham Windham is one of two organizations to receive funds to support programs for youth who are aging out of foster care.

The investments under this initiative, along with the other initiatives being developed under CJII, form a comprehensive set of strategic investments that, together, will have a significant, lasting impact on public safety and justice reform in New York City.